A good pocket holster needs to do just a few things, but do them very well. Greg Kramer knew this and made sure that his holsters designed would do more than fit the bill.

First all the holster needs to provide a safe environment for carrying a small pistol in the pocket. Only a crazy person carries a loaded handgun in the pocket without a holster. Anything that is in the pocket can become entangled with the trigger at which point the slightest movement can cause the revolver to discharge. Scary thought. The Kramer design does this well.

The second thing needed is for the holster to stay put. The last thing anyone needs when required to hastily put rounds on target is to have the pocket holster come out with the gun when drawn. Again, the forward, high arched "wing" of the Kramer design insures that only the gun comes out when drawn.

A third thing that a reliable pocket holster must do is break up the outline of the pistol when carried. It is assumed that concealment is of primary importance to those who use a pocket pistol so it goes hand-in-hand that the holster must minimize the presence of the gun when used. Greg Kramer says that his holster fulfills this role excellently and that when a small pistol or revolver is carried in his pocket holster it will look more akin to a well stuffed wallet than a gun by anyone who takes notice.

Other, less essential elements of a good pocket holster are the ability to keep the cylinder from digging painfully into the shooters skin, and create a smooth,comfortable surface that rides against the skin and makes carrying all but unnoticeable. All of these factors were addressed in the design of the Kramer pocket holsters.

Kramer makes this holster from high-grade horsehide and wraps it in a layer of plastic laminate to enhance the breakup of the holster's outline. Currently the holster is available for small frame pistols and revolvers in black, brown, or tan for both right and left-handed shooters.

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