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Small guns are useful because they can conveniently fit in anyone's pocket. Of course, carrying a gun in such a way without a good pocket holster is asking for a trouble. Nothing should ever come in contact with the trigger of your gun except your finger and this extends to loose change, cell phones, crumpled receipts from Taco Bell, pocket knives, or whatever version of iPod you are currently carting around with you.

The average pocket holster is small, inexpensive, and simple to use. Specifically designed to be wedged into the pocket of a pair of casual or dress trousers or a pair of jeans, these holsters serve to break up the imprint of your concealed pistol or revolver. Pocket magazine holsters are also available for those looking to carry extra ammunition. They often don't work so well for large caliber rounds, but for .380 - 9mm they tend to do the trick.

Below you'll find the newest pocket holster reviews which can help you determine whether or not the model you are interested in is effective, easy to use, and durable. You can find a particular pocket holster a bit faster by using the search function at the top-right section of this page.

Newest Pocket Holster Reviews