Reviews of the SERPA CQC Belt Holster by Blackhawk! Holsters

SERPA CQC Holster by Blackhawk!

SERPA CQC Holster by Blackhawk!

First Reviewed October 19, 2010
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They say that what's good for the goose is good for the gander and this principle often applies to military and law enforcement gear that transfers well to the civilian market. Blackhawk! Decided to capitalize on this early on by “civilianizing” their line of SERPA retention holsters and making them available to more shooters in the form of their SERPA CQC line of belt holsters.

The SERPA CQC provides two levels of retention, the first being an adjustable tension screw and the second being the Technology Lock which keeps the gun set securely in the holster until the indexing button is depressed while drawing the pistols. This feature works extremely well and many who are familiar with all different types of retention holsters feel that this design is the best.

One of the reasons for all the enthusiasm is that almost two decades the majority of experts who teach others specific self defense shooting tactics have been advocating that the index finger be kept along the side of the gun frame until ready to fire. Those who train along the lines of this advice will already have their trigger finger extended and in the proper position to activate the SERPA belt holster's release mechanism and draw the gun ready to fire. There is no awkward thumb-break mechanisim which can hamper the speed of draw when it really counts.

The design of the SERPA CQC belt holster allows the shooter to obtain a full grip on the weapon and enables the initiation of a faster draw through the integration of a radical “speed' cut on the front of the holster.

Constructed of durable, space-age injection molded plastic, the Blackhawk's SERPA CQC belt holster is built to withstand years of use. Weather and wear simply are not issues for this design, but as to breakage, you can read the reviews below to get an idea of how the whole thing holds up.

The SERPA CQC is available in matte black or with a carbon fiber finish. They can also be ordered in either a paddle holster or belt holster configuration to satisfy those who prefer one form over another.. The CQC is not a custom made holster and thus can not be made available for any and every gun. The most popular guns, however, are all supported

Reviews of the Blackhawk! SERPA CQC concealment belt holster can be found below. Please note that a separate review set for Blackhawk's line of standard CQC belt holsters which do no incorporate the SERPA retention system is available as well. Please write a review of our own if you've had a chance to use this holster yourself so that others can benefit from your knowledge when choosing their next holster.


7 Reviews for “SERPA CQC Holster by Blackhawk!”
  1. Patrick Snook says:

    Well. I was surprised when my Serpa CQC broke. Yep, the retention hardware just decided to break. I fixed it. Gotta love Blackhawk. Now the paddle attachment snapped in half. As a cop I just can’t put my life in the hands of that type of equipment.

  2. Dan Moore says:

    The Serpa should NOT be promoted as “concealment”. It sticks out so far I might as well have a big sign that says GUN. The one of the belt hooks for the paddle is badly molded and cannot be used.

  3. Jenson says:

    I have never had an issue with this holster. As a matter of fact I have it for 3 different side arms that I have. Although it does stick out Blackhawk will tell you its not meant to be concealed. I have never had an issue with the hardware. I put a drop of lock tight on the screws every few months but other than that I have never had any real issues.

  4. MB says:

    I have used this holster for quite a bit (in paddle mode, with belt), and had no issues. It conceals just fine on my frame with a fairly substantial gun – a Springfield XDm 40, which is not exactly svelte.

    Durability seems ok so far – had no real issues with it, and the release mechanism is quick enough to be useful while still holding it well enough to be active.

  5. MacDonald says:

    I have used this holster for CCW since I first aquired my permit. Prior, I used a GALCO Fletch Cconcealable holster. Sure, I prefer leather, but the thumb break kept delaying the combat grip I wanted. Additionally, if I was not wearing the exact right size belt, the holster would ride up with the sidearm as I pulled the weapon (inconsistently snagging).

    The SERPA is easily concealed on my frame (5’11″, 180 lbs, 33″ waist). It draws MUCH more consistently than the GALCO w/o snagging. The holster comes with a paddle & belt platform, but of which are fully adjustable for belt sizes and degree of cant. I also have the optional shoulder harness. The weapon can be holstered with only one hand. I like the audible click when it locks on the gun.

    The only drawbacks that I can see are it is not leather and it is rigid. With LEO use I imagine it may break. The advantage of leather.

  6. Ray Massenberg says:

    My all time favorite holster. Adjustablity and belt/paddle option offer many combinations of carry. Covience and security of paddle in particular is better than any I’ve tried. Speed and retension of Serpa lock is outstanding, however the recommended draw stroke must be used for firearm safety. Concealability is typical for a paddle.

  7. Chuck says:

    I have these holsters for my Glock, my Sig p226,and Springfield 1911′s…The work quite well…however I found some “better” ones thru I-Tac defense…but I will still use the Blackhawks upon occcasion…

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