Reviews of the Talon Plus IWB Holster by Alessi Holsters

Talon Plus IWB Holster by Alessi

One of the most streamlined and functionally basic IWB holsters that Alessi makes, the Talon Plus features an open muzzle design, nylon Talon Clips, protective front sight channel, and a full sweat guard for comfort. Custom made to order for most pistols and revolvers.

SuperTuck Deluxe IWB Holster by Crossbreed

The SuperTuck Deluxe is Crossbreed’s flagship IWB holster which is known for being unbelievably comfortable regardless of its wide stance. Made from Kydex mated to a leather backing, this rig can be made-to-order to fit most pistols and revolvers with barrel lengths less than 6 inches.

QwikClip IWB Holster by Crossbreed

The QuikClip IWB Holster is a smaller kydex/leather hybrid design from Crossbreed Holsters. Unique to the QuikClip is the ability to adjust the forward cant to three different positions including Crossdraw. Utilizes a single, wide nylon clip to secure the holster to the shooters gun belt. Right and left handed models available. Made for most pistols and revolvers.

MiniTuck IWB Holster by Crossbreed

The MiniTuck IWB Holster is a scaled down SuperTuck designed specifically for micro pistols designed by Crossbreed Holsters. These holsters are still comprised of the standard kydex shell matched to a leather back. Right and left handed variants are available. Primarily intended to holster the Ruger LCP but other pistols of the same size can probably be supported. Not made for revolvers. Comes with the standard Crossbreed try-it-for-two-weeks guarantee.

Shadow II Belt Holster by Bianchi

This 3-slot holster from Bianchi rides high and holds true. Can be worn strong side with a traditional 15 degree cant or in the crossdraw position. Similar to the Bianchi Piranha but not deep molded. Retention strap is integrated to keep the holster agency compliant.

Piranha Belt Holster by Bianchi

The Bianchi Piranha is a high ride, deep molded leather belt holster that works well for the plainclothes or off duty law enforcement officer as well as civilians that want the added peace of mind that a thumb break retention strap provides.

Check-Six Belt Holster by Blackhawk!

The Check-Six belt holster from Blackhawk! is designed to be worn far back over the hip close to the 5 o’clock position. The structure of the sewn leather of the gun holster itself helps pull the holster close in to the body to facilitate a tight fit. Works well for both primary carry as well as for backup guns.

Covert Option Belt Holster by Bianchi Holsters

The Bianchi Covert Option is one of the few belt holsters which integrates a suede leather center piece in order to increase friction and anchor the holster in place more securely. This bit of innovation is paired with good fundamental design in order to provide a unique carry experience.

Thomas Perfectionist IWB Holster by Kramer

The Thomas Perfectionist is a leather IWB holster from Kramer that was developed in conjunction with shooting expert Duane Thomas for whom the design is named. Known for being friendly to carrying in the car as well as for all-day comfort.

Watch Six IWB Hoslter by Milt Sparks

The Watch Six is an IWB holster developed as a joint venture between Milt Sparks and Lou Alessi. Original versions featured Lou’s Talon clips, but eventually the two holster making legends parted ways on the project and the Milt Sparks version converted over to more traditional belt snaps.

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