Tension Screw Holsters

Check-Six Belt Holster by Blackhawk!

The Check-Six belt holster from Blackhawk! is designed to be worn far back over the hip close to the 5 o'clock position. The structure of the sewn leather of the gun holster itself helps pull the holster close in to the body to facilitate a tight fit. Works well for both primary carry as well as for...[Read More]

M3X Belt Holster by Galco

Galco's M3X belt holsters represent the company's most concerted effort to make its mark on the synthetic polymer holster market. Loaded with features and nearly indestructible, these plastic wonders can hold their own against better known injection-molded brands.

Hempstead Low Ride Duty Holster by DeSantis

The Hempstead duty holster is designed to work well with uniformed dress events that require officers to be armed during the observed events. High quality leather with a basketweave imprint for style. The holster rides low in order to allow the gun/holster combination to line up better with the rest...[Read More]

Phantom IWB Holster by Blade-Tech

The Phantom is a polymer IWB holster by Blade-Tech that is built on what many consider to be a leather holster platform. Some say that the switch was done well while others are not so enthusiastic.

Cop Slide Duty Holster by Galco

The Cop Slide by Galco is a duty holster which leaves the muzzle of the gun exposed. This allows the holster to house guns with the same frame but with different lengths. This holster feature a forward cant an a retention strap as well as a tension screw for find adjustment on required draw pressur...[Read More]

SERPA Level 2 Duty Holster by Blackhawk!

The SERPA is the most advanced duty holster system that Blackhawk! offers. This Level II version of their venerable design is adapted for uniformed use vs. tactical use. All major SERPA design elements are retained.

Cop 3-Slot Duty Holster by Galco

This is the only 3-Slot design in Galco's Cop line of duty holsters. Can be worn strong side with a forward can or in the crossdraw position while driving. Switching between carry modes is easy, the leather construction is know to be long lasting, and a retention strap is included in order to comply...[Read More]

CC-AT Belt Holster by Milt Sparks

A favorite of IDPA shooters, the CC-AT belt holster by Milt Sparks is known for being especially fast on the draw because of it proper retention and forward cant. Each CC-AT is custom made to order by a single craftsman with details "boned out" in order to provide a superior product.

SERPA Level 2 Tactical Holster by Blackhawk!

One of the premier tactical holsters today, the Blackhawk's SERPA system is legendary for its durability and level of retention. Formed form injection molded plastic and available in a number of finishes to meet the needs of any mission. New thigh pad allows for ventilation to the leg.

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